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President’s report March 2021

Greetings Fellow AMAS members,

Well, it certainly has been an interesting year coping with the pandemic. I wanted to touch base with you all and let you know what your Executive Board has been working on. As we are getting ready for the 2021 Flying Season.

In February we conducted an on-line survey. Thank you to all of you who responded. The responses have given us direction and a good basis with which to plan the AMAS year.

At this time we are unable to conduct physical membership meetings - hopefully toward summer the CoVid - 19 protocols will be relaxed and we can hold general Meetings. I am sure you all are aware that our Balzac Airfield is open with a limit of 10 people at any one time. Also we encourage practising social distancing and wearing masks.

Your Executive have been busy planning this year’s club activities. We received a lot of great feedback from the February on-line Survey. I would certainly encourage any more feedback you may have to forward any and all to us.

We are moving forward with improving communication. The web site will be our main vehicle with an active and enhanced blog and forum elements in our ‘Members Zone’ watch for them soon. Also the camera at the field will be back online very soon, we are adding two cameras as well. The link to those should be completed very soon.

We noted that a good majority of you want the ‘best flying experience’ at the airfield. Therefore this year will be a busy one with regards to upgrading our runways and improving lake access..

Before we can proceed we NEED to have our Bylaws and policies approved and passed. They are essential to our providing operations and service to the AMAS club.

Within the next few weeks we will send you copies of the proposed documents. We will then (due to the pandemic restrictions) conduct an on-line ‘vote’ to have the proposed Bylaws and Policy passed. You will be given 30 days notice to peruse the proposals. We will follow our current constitution that requires that 40% of membership makes a quorum vote and 60% of those voting need to vote in favour to have them passed.

So please participate with the on-line voting - it is the only way we can proceed. It also is the future precedent, but rest assured we will hold physical meetings when we can.


Tom Corbett,

President, AMAS


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