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We have received a MAAC SOC for flying RPA at the Balzac airfield.

All Pilots flying RPAs must have an Advanced Pilot Certificate.




We have received a MAAC SOC for flying RPA at the Colpitt Ranches Airfield

All Pilots flying RPAs must have a Basic Pilot Certificate

Airfield Flying Rules

(Currently under review, changes are pending regarding drone rules along with maximum altitude rules)

  • MAAC insurance required

  • All fliers and students must be members or guests (max two times a year) of active members

  • Only qualified pilots are permitted to fly solo

  • Members are responsible for their guests at all times

  • Place pin on frequency board before turning on transmitter (including 2.4 GHz!)

  • Only qualified pilots or trainees permitted in the flying area (behind the fence)

  • Maximum four aircraft in the air at any time

  • No flying over no fly zones (see the map)

  • Standing on runways not allowed except to take off or to retrieve your aircraft

  • All pilots shall call out their intention to take off, land or stepping on the runway, unless they fly alone

  • When flying, pilots must be behind the pilot station fence

  • Airplane pilots shall use only an active runway, determined based on the current wind conditions, for their take offs and landings

  • Airplane pilots shall avoid the area dedicated to helicopter operation if there is a helicopter present in that area

  • Helicopter pilots shall perform all hovering and 3D maneuvers within the dedicated area and avoid the area used by fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters flying circuits

  • Helicopter pilots can choose to fly circuits in the same way as airplanes and use the area dedicated to general flying of the circuit. However, if there are airplanes present in this area, it is preferable to take off and land the helicopter away from the main, active runway.

  • All engines must be equipped with mufflers

  • Jet turbines not allowed on AMAS airfield


Other Airfield Rules
  • No unleashed dogs (unrestrained animals) on the airfield

  • No smoking

  • Flying under influence of drugs or alcohol strictly forbidden

  • Take your garbage home; keep the site clean

  • The last person leaving the airfield is responsible for closing and locking the gate

  • Violating the club airfield rules may result in revoking membership privileges


Constitution and related updates
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