A.M.A.S. is a Registered Society.

We are fortunate to have a great airfield we can use. Our airfield is located beside the Balzac gas plant.

We have pilots that will be happy helping you to learn to fly. You will find pretty much every type of aircraft at our site. We fly: trainers, foamies, warbirds, helicopters, giant scale, 3D, we even have a member of the Canadian F3D team. There is a tremendous amount of diverse knowledge available among members of the club.

Our executive is committed to maintaining an open and fun environment.  Business in meetings is held to a minimum. Members are encouraged to come with a project to show, a  plane to buy or sell, and an appetite for coffee and donuts.


2020 AMAS Club Executive


President: Tom Corbett

Treasurer: Darryl Mantik


Vice President: Pete Dohrs


Secretary: Darren Ratcliffe


1)   Eduardo J. Moncada

2)   Delbert Godon

3)   Rob Foster

4)   Murray Hamula

5)   Jack Delorme


Past President:

1)   Jonathan Burchill


Committee Name                                         Chairman

Field Maintenance Committee                         Pete Dohrs

Special Events and Fun Fly Coordinator         Yvon Lavoie

Membership Committee                                   Darren Ratcliffe

Flight Instructors Group Chair                         Darryl Mantik

Web Administrator                                            Yvon Lavoie

If you need contact information for any of our executives, please email: inquiries@amasrc.ca


Drive East on Hwy 566 then turn south on Range Road 291 and follow to gas plant.

Meetings are temporarily suspended pending restrictions related to COVID are lifted.

Club meetings are held on the first Tuesday of  February, April, June, September, November and December, at 7:30 PM location TBD.

July and August meetings are held at the field with a start time of 7pm.