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AMAS Member Survey February 2021

Summary of Member Survey Feb 2021

1. One comment kinda surprised me – that we are ‘illegally’ flying in a no-fly zone? I thought that had been researched and our field is located out of the airport restricted zone? (just but never the less outside the restricted zone)

a. Yes we are OK. MAAC and Transport Canada have reviewed all sanctioned Clubs and their airfield, including us

2. Generally, expectations are being met.

a. People want to have a good and safe place to fly and interaction with fellow flyers.

3. All respondents fly fixed wing.

a. Also of those 30% fly drones and

b. 20% helis.

4. As to improvements:

a. 40% want our runway worked on,

b. 22% want a better clubhouse

c. 19% were interested in model storage

d. 19% wanted better lake access

5. Only 4 people (12% of respondents) stated that they could not help at the field. So that indicates most are willing.

6. As far as General Membership Meetings:

a. Highest score to “Swap, Buy and Sell”

b. Fairly equally favoured are Education and Presentations

c. Some good topic suggestions were given

7. A lot of interest in presentation by fellow members on:

1. Model building

2. Safety

3. Radios setup and programing, Mixing etc

4. Electric aircraft motor matching and setups

5. Battery management

8. Location: A majority would be OK with Calgary (northern) venues.

9. Comments are interesting.

a. Generally, most are satisfied with our club.

b. I get a feeling that more communication from the club would be welcome

i. Monthly newsletters?

ii.Better website


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